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“Princely Forest” nature reserve (Romanian: Rezervaţia ştiinţifică Pădurea Domnească) is a scientific reserve in Glodeni District, Republic of Moldova, and was founded in 1993. It covers an area of 6,032 hectares, the largest of all of the scientific reserves.

«Barza alba» - the largest producer of brandy and Divin of Moldova. The story of the manufacture of wine and brandy from Balti started in 1944. Over 70 years of activity this famous enterprise became the embodiment of Moldova’s wealthy winemaking traditions. As a result, in 2000 the joint-stock company Barza Albă has been created. The company collaborates with the best distributors, and the outlet extends from Australia to U.S.A, and includes Russia, the whole CIS, Germany, Czech, China and Baltic countries.